Apply now and you can have a settlement cash advance in as little as 24 hours. We start working on your applicaton and soon as you submit your request for the cash advance on your car accident. No other lawsuit lending company in the U.S. can get you cash funding faster.


Don't worry if you have been turned down by another pre-settlement lawsuit funding company. At Car Accident Loans we have a 98% approval rate* so we can probably approve you as well! We underwrite and fund all types of motor vehicle accidents. So apply in confidence.


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We have over 25 years of collective experience reviewing, evaluating and litigating motor vehicle personal injury cases. Our experience valuing personal injury cases means bigger lawsuit cash advances for injured accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs! Get the cash you need now.

Car Accident Loans

Are you searching for a loans for car accident victims? Unfortunately, many auto accident lawsuit plaintiffs find themselves experiencing financial hardships while they are going through the lengthy motor vehicle accident litigation process. At Car Accident Loan, we know what you are going through. That's why we offer fast and easy cash advance funding for car accident settlements to accident victims while they are waiting for their automobile accident lawsuit to settle with the insurance company.

Car Accident Loans is a national settlement funding company providing financial assistance to personal injury car accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs. You are eligible to apply for a loans on car accident settlements if you have been hurt in a car accident that was not your fault and have retained a car wreck injury lawyer or accident attorney to represent you for damages and pain and suffering.

If you have been searching for loans for car accident settlements then is your solution. Call us now at 888-715-8701 to borrow $500 to $100,000 from your pending auto accident or truck accident case.

What is a car accident loan? A car accident loan is a cash advance to a personal injury accident victim or lawsuit plaintiff who is expecting a settlement or monetary compensation from an insurance company or tortfeasor / defendant . Eligibility is based upon the fact and circumstances surrounding the case, so there is no credit check, no employment requirements, and no monthly payments. Furthermore, if the plaintiff does not win or collect a monetary settlement, there is no obligation to pay back the car accident cash advance.

We are the nations leading car accident loans funding company, providing 1 day lawsuit loans for car accident victims all across the United States. Since we specialize in MVA cases, we advance car accident lawsuit loans for a variety of motor vehicle accidents. The majority of our applications pertain to a rear-end auto accident, truck accident intersection accident, hit and run car accident, bicycle accident, and pedestrian knock-down accident cases.

If you desperately need cash today and can't wait any longer until you get your lawsuit settlement, then our loans for car accident victims program is probably your best solution. To get started, call or apply online. The call is FREE and there's no obligation just for applying.

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There is no obligation just for applying. At Car Accident Loans, we have a 98% approval rate for 1st time funding applications. Apply in confidence. Apply Now, Cash in 24 Hours!

Thank you so much for the settlement loan. You saved me from losing my job. I used the $5,500 cash loan to pay for an engine and some other bills...​
Tamara J : Miami, Florida
Richard was very professional and took some extra steps to help my loan get approved fast. I got the $20,000 accident loan wired to my Chase bank check account at the end of the day. Thanks for your help again!
Donna M : Newark, New Jersey
Your car accident loan application process was very painless and easy. If I knew about your service and how easy it was then I would have applied sooner.
Tony S : Queens, New York
Your car accident loan application process was very painless and easy. If I knew about your service and how easy it was then I would have applied sooner.
Tony S : Queens, New York

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The Truth About Motor Vehicle Accident Loans

Is borrowing money against a car accident settlement a bank loan? is a nationally recognized legal funding company. Legal funding companies are in the business of providing no-risk cash advances to injured accident victims who are going through the lawsuit process and waiting for their settlement. Borrowing cash against your pending automobile accident lawsuit settlement is not like a bank loan or even a traditional loan.

A car accident lawsuit funding company does not consider your credit score or credit history when determining whether or not you get approved for an auto accident loan. At, we look at the specific facts surrounding your automobile accident injury case to determine exactly how much money we can advance you while you are waiting for your lawsuit settlement.

Why should I choose Car Accident Loans?

We are nation's first and leading legal funding provider dedicated to auto accident loans. Because we specialize in loans on motor vehicle accidents, we have a superior understanding of the lawsuit process and case value. This is why we have a 98% approval rate and can approve most car accident lawsuit loans application in 24 hours.

We help cash strapped injured accident victims who have been injured in all types of accidents. We fund injury cases for lawsuit plaintiffs who have been seriously hurt in a hit and run accident, a multi-vehicle car wreck, pedestrian knock-down accident, bus accident accident, taxi cab collision, limousine or limo accident, sport utility SUV rollover accident, Ford™ product liability case, and 18 wheeler big rig accident. We are provide Uber auto accident lawsuit loans as well as settlement funding for Lyft car accidents. Whatever type of motor vehicle accident lawsuit you are going through, we have the funding to help you stay afloat until you win or settle your case. Remember, if you lose or do not settle, you owe nothing!

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How can an auto accident loan help personal injury accident victims

A loan against your auto accident lawsuit can give you the leverage to win a larger settlement. We are committed to helping you get the largest personal injury settlement or lawsuit verdict for your pain and suffering. Auto accident lawsuit loans can give you the leverage to win a larger settlement. Our auto accident pre settlement loan can provide you the financial support that you urgently need so you can pay your bills and stay focused on getting well. Also, your attorney can take all the time needed to keep fighting the insurance company for all the money you deserve.

Car Accident Loans have helped thousands of lawsuit plaintiffs. Many accident victims experience serious financial troubles while they are going through the lawsuit process. Not being able to work because of your injuries or not being able to make the money you were making prior to the collision can leave you in turmoil. A loan against your car accident settlement can give you financial and emotional peace of mind. You can use the auto accident settlement loan to help you pay your car note, rent, child care expenses, phone bill, household expenses, mortgage payment, food expenses, auto repair, and other financial obligations you many have.

Loans on Car Accident Settlements

Don't let the insurance company delay and deny tactic force you into settling your auto accident lawsuit for pennies on the dollar. Lawsuit loans provide you the tool you and your attorney may need to better prepare your case and take the time necessary to fairly fight the insurance company and their defense attorney for all the money you deserve from your lawsuit.

Traffic accidents usually occur because of someone else's negligence, reckless, or carelessness. If you have been physically hurt because of another person's negligent actions, or lack thereof, and you have retained an attorney to represent you in a bodily injury claim against the person or persons responsible for the collision then you are eligible to submit an application to get money from your future car accident settlement.

Don't wait. A friendly and knowledgeable legal funding specialist is waiting to help you right now. The call is free and there is no obligation just for applying. is a reputable lawsuit lender and is a best rated lawsuit funding company providing loans on car accident settlements. The process to getting cash in your hands in fast and easy, take a look:

  1. Call us at 1-888-715-8701 to speak with a live, friendly accident lawsuit specialist. You can also apply online for fast processing.
  2. After we received your application, we will contact your law firm and work with them to get some information and gather up additional details on your case.
  3. Our lawsuit underwriter will review your case quickly to determine the amount of your auto accident settlement loan. We will call you with details of the fundings.
  4. The funding agreement is sent to you and your attorney to sign. After we get back the signed agreement and your photo identification, we send you the lawsuit cash advance by bank wire or FedEx® Express Overnight mail delivery--the choice is yours!

You are done! The money is in your hands. It's that easy. Apply Now

Easy Approval

    • No Credit Check
    • No Job Requirement
    • No Income Requirement
    • No Out of Pocket Cost
    • No Up-Front Fees
    • No Hassle
    • No Obligation Just for Applying
    • No Monthly Payments

Why Us

    • Lower Rates
    • Better Terms
    • Faster Funding - 1 Day Loans
    • Car Accident Lawsuit Expertise
    • Easy, Transparant Contract
    • Dedicated Staff
    • Pay Back When you Settle or Win

Auto Accident Collisions

      • Rear End Lawsuit
      • Side Swipe Accident
      • Rollover Lawsuit
      • T-bone Accident
      • Drunk Driver Accident
      • Fender Bender Lawsuit
      • Bicycle Accident
      • Texting while Driving Accident
      • Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit
      • Intersection Collisions
      • Pedestrian Knock Down Accident
      • U-Turn Accident

Car Accident Injury

        • Herniated Disc Injury
        • Injury to the Spinal Cord
        • Bulging Disc Injury
        • Meniscus Tear
        • TMJ Jaw Injuries
        • Rotator Cuff Tear
        • Knee Injury
        • Ligament Tear
        • Shoulder Injury
        • Broken Bone Fracture
        • Auto Accident Paralysis
        • Traumatic Brain Injury
        • Cervical Spine, Neck Injuries
        • Fatality - Wrongful Death

Car Accident Treatment

        • Arthroscopic Surgery
        • Spinal Fusion Surgery
        • Interventional Pain Injections
        • Laminectomy Surgerical Procedure
        • Discectomy Surgery
        • Surgery to the Cervical Spine
        • Epidural Steroid Injections
        • Wrist Surgery
        • Laminotomy Surgery
        • Radiofrequency Ablation - RFA
        • Lower Back Surgery
        • Trigger Point Injections
        • ORIF Open Reduction Internal Fixation
        • Knee Surgery
        • Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery