Car Accident Loans for Accident Victims & Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Automobile accident case don't often settle quickly, and while personal injury claims drag out, car accident victims are often faced with mounting bills and overwhelming money problems. Thankfully, Car Accident Loans can advance lawsuit funding to victims of car and truck crashes who need instant cash relief while waiting to recover financial compensation from the insurance company. Don't wait until the last minute to get financial help to pay your bills, medical treatment expenses, rent, living expenses, and financial obligations after a devastating car crash. With a car accident settlement loan, you can obtain a cash advance against a portion of proceeds you expect to receive after your auto accident attorney has successfully negotiated a fair car accident settlement or tried the case to verdict. Call 888-718-8701 to auto accident pre-settlement funding from $500 - $100,000, no credit check.

A car accident can be a life changing event, especially if the crash caused permanent injuries, wrongful death, and financial devastation. Although our loans against auto accidents can't turn back the hands of time and bring you back to how life was before the automobile accident happened, it can help to alleviate financial burden and pressure. Let Car Accident Loans® equip you with the best legal financing products to help you during the lengthy and stressful litigation process, so you can focus on recovering from your injuries and winning maximum pain and suffering compensation from the wrongdoer.

If your life has been turned upside down because of a negligent driver, resulting in damages, and lost wages, call a national car accident loan company to take out an auto accident loans for pre-settlement. Unlike a personal loan from a bank or credit union, loans for car accident victims are provide on a risk-free, non-recourse basis. So, the advance lawsuit funding is fast, convenient, and hassle-free for plaintiffs going through the car accident settlement process.

Pre-Settlement Loans for Car Accident Victims

Pre-settlement funding for car and truck accident lawsuits have saved countless auto accident victims from financial hardship and low-ball settlement offers from insurance company claims adjusters. When lawsuit funding companies advance pre-settlement loans for auto accident claims, the cash advance provides much-needed financial relief for plaintiffs who find themselves drowning in bills and medical expenses.

Since the car accident cash advance on pending lawsuit is based on the facts of your personal injury case and not your credit score, there's no credit check, no out-of-pocket fess, and no upfront costs. Another benefit of taking out loans for car accident victims by Car Accident Loans® is you pay nothing back if you lose the case. Feel free to contact our car accident loan company for financial assistance after car accident collisions if you urgently need money while waiting to receive monetary compensation from a future car accident settlement.

Same Day Accident Loans

Same day accident loans are a financial lifeline for victims of motor vehicle accidents who have pressing financial matters and need emergency funds within 1 day. Accident cases and personal injury settlement can take many months, even years to resolve. However, auto accident victims who need cash relief fast can’t afford to wait that long to take care of their final obligations.

Fortunately, our settlement funding company can advance a car accident loan fast. We know auto accident victims often experience money problems during the insurance settlement process, that's why we work quick to provide instant cash with same day funding.


 Auto Accident Pre-Settlement Funding: Financial lifeline for personal injury victims

Although the pre-settlement lawsuit funding industry in the United States is growing each year, many personal injury victims who have experienced physical and financial setbacks due to devastating car crashes are unaware that they can in fact get a cash advance on pending injury cases by taking advantage of auto accident pre-settlement funding for plaintiffs. However, once personal injury clients learn there are fast, easy, and safe cash advance solutions specifically designed for car accident victims they are always elated at the prospect of taking out car accident pre-settlement loans to tide them over until the case is settled or they win a verdict or award.

Car accident lawsuit funding has saved tens of thousands of injured auto accident victims and their loved ones from vehicle repossession, eviction, ruined credit, and phone suspended service due to non-payment. If you got hurt in a traffic collision through no-fault of your own, or a spouse or relative was tragically killed in crash and you've hired an automobile accident lawyer to fight the insurance company for fair compensation, we can advance pre-settlement funding for car and truck accident lawsuits. You can take out a pre-settlement lawsuit funding cash advance from the nation's #1 financial institution specializing in auto accident claims by calling our car accident loan company and speak with a specialist in our funding department. Another flexible option for applying for an auto accident loan is to fill out the quick online application form. Right after we receive your request for funding, a underwriting agent will call your personal injury attorney to obtain some additional details concerning the cause of the traffic crash, car accident injuries your suffered, type of medical treatment you have received, and the auto insurance limits of the responsible party.

Legal Financing

When you're ready to get cash now, simply fill out the online application form, or call us toll-free at 888-715-8701 to speak with a specialist who will take your application over the phone and guide you through the process.

Litigation funding

After we receive your accident loan request, a representative in our legal funding department will contact your personal injury law firm to gather some additional information about your motor vehicle accident case.

Loans on accident cases

The cooperation of your injury lawyer is essential and necessary in the settlement funding underwriting process. The faster we receive the information is the sooner we can have you approved for the car accident funding.

Lawsuit settlement funding

Approved! Our same day accident loans program can get you the car accident cash advance against your personal injury claim in 1 day. The lawsuit funding is sent directly to you after we get back the signed agreement.


Car accident cash advance: How to qualify for cash on accident claims?

Car Accident Loans makes it easy for auto accident victims to qualify for a lawsuit cash advance on a personal injury claim. Learn how to find out if your meet the qualification to obtain an accident cash advance: If you got hurt in a motor vehicle accident that was caused by a negligent driver, hired a car accident attorney on a contingency basis, and you need funding to pay your bills and expenses, then you are eligible to take out a risk-free cash advance on your accident case before you receive monetary compensation for your pain and suffering. A car accident claims cash advance is an ideal pre-settlement funding solution for cash-strapped accident victims who need support while they fight to win a fair car accident lawsuit settlement from the defendant(s).

Getting a personal injury claim cash advance after a serious motor vehicle accident is not as difficult as some plaintiffs believe. Since our lawsuit loans are based on the potential settlement of your claim and not your credit score, we do not take your credit history into consideration when underwriting your request to borrow money against the proceeds you expect to get from the settled auto accident lawsuit. Apply now if you meet the basic qualifications for obtaining a car accident loan. You can have funds from the car accident cash advance in your account in just 1 day.

Lawsuit loans for pending personal injury cases

Easy cash advances on pending personal injury cases are available for plaintiffs with injury claim and wrongful death lawsuits. Our legal financing institution can advance lawsuit loans for all types of motor vehicle accident cases resulting from negligent.

You can obtain personal injury funding on pending lawsuit settlements for 18-wheeler accident cases, auto accident claims, bicycle accident lawsuits, bus accident cases, hit and run cases, Lyft car accident claims, motorcycle accident cases, pedestrian vehicle accident claims, Uber car accident claims, taxi cab accident claims, tractor trailer accident lawsuits, car accident wrongful death lawsuits, and more.

Call our car accident loan company today to obtain a lawsuit loan on your personal injury claim if you got hurt or a loved one was killed in any type car or truck accident.

Best financial help for car accident victims: Simple pre-settlement solutions

Financial help for car accident victims is an absolute necessity for plaintiffs who have suffered serious injuries and are struggling financially to pay the bills and living expenses during the car accident process. When you get financial assistance after car accident injuries, you can use the funds to survive while your recover from the pain and suffering.

Accident claim loans provide the best level of financial assistance after car accident injuries have case financial devastation for you and your family. After a life-changing car crash, you can use the easy financial assistance to pay your medical bills, rent, groceries, car loan payments, and child care obligation while you wait for car accident settlement to come through.

Plaintiffs obtain pre-settlement funding from Car Accident Loans when they need financial solutions to help alleviating the financial pressure, making ends meet during the litigation process, and empowering them to win bigger personal injury claim settlements from the driver responsible for causing the car wreck. Some auto insurance companies have a strong reputation for dragging out the car accident settlement process for as long as they possibly can by making lowball insurance settlement offers. If the insurance company of the driver at-fault for the crash has presented you and your personal injury attorney with a bad offer to settle, but you want to continue fighting for maximum pain and suffering compensation, lawsuit cash advances can help you get the cash you need while your case is pending.

Car accident settlement loans availability: State-by-state eligibility

Each year, more personal injury plaintiffs nationwide turn to our car accident loan company for fast settlement loans for car and truck auto accident victims. As a national lawsuit lending financial institution, Car Accident Loans® can advance automobile accident settlement loans nationally, in many of the 50 states across America. Our experienced accident lawsuit funding underwriters have significant experience and extensive knowledge in civil litigation and auto liability throughout the United States. That means when you apply for an auto accident settlement advance, we can get started on your funding request immediately, and have you on your way to obtaining cash relief within 24 hours!

You will notice from the state-by-state eligibility list below that we are presently able to offer car accident settlement loans to personal injury victims in most cities and states. Since this list is subject to change without prior notice due to the regulatory climate of your state, you can always call or send us an email to find out if we can give pre-settlement loans for car accident settlements in your state by dialing 888-715-8701 or emailing Here are the locations throughout the United States where we advance same day accident loans:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Atlanta, Boston, California, Chicago, Connecticut, Delaware, Detroit, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Miami, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Personal injury settlement loans: Car accident injuries that qualify for plaintiff funding

Personal injury lawsuit settlement loans are a different financial product than bank loans. Personal injury lawsuit loans are considered non-recourse financing, provided by pre-settlement lawsuit funding companies who invest money in personal injury claims. Loans from banks work differently. Banks and credit unions base their lending decision on the borrower’s personal ability to pay back the personal loan, which includes undergoing a credit check. However, personal injury loan companies base their advance funding decision on the merits and strength of the case. The physical injuries your suffered, type of medical treatment, and the frequency of your treatment will weigh heavily in the personal injury funding underwriting process.

Does your car accident injury qualify for a personal injury loan? We advance funding for personal injury cases for the most common car accident injuries such as amputation injury, back injury, burn injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, concussion, fractured broken bones injury, spinal cord injury, herniated disc injury, loss of limb, knee injury, meniscus tear injury, neck injury, rotator cuff tear, shoulder injury, bulging disc, soft-tissue injury lawsuit loans for car accident victims, surgery, TMJ jaw injury, traumatic brain injury, whiplash, and wrongful death lawsuit loans.

How to get an auto accident settlement advance today?

If you are ready to take out an auto accident settlement advance, we can help you get cash relief. Car Accident Loans is not here to rush or pressure you into getting a car accident settlement advance. Rather, we inform cash-strapped accident victims that funding before you receive compensation is available when you find yourself in need of support during the automobile accident settlement process.

If your auto accident injury is causing you to lose income or incur significant expenses, your financial situation may get much worse before you settle your auto accident case or win a settlement from the wrongdoer. Thankfully, pre-settlement advance from Car Accident Loans® is a fast, simple, and hassle-free lawsuit funding solution for cash-strapped plaintiffs who want immediate financial relief.

Remember, our car accident lawsuit loans are no-risk, non-recourse advance settlement funding for clients who want to borrow settlement money before their cases settle. To get a car accident settlement advance in 1 day, without a credit check, just call us at 888-715-8701 or fill out the application on our website.

Still Have Questions About Auto Accident Loans for Pre-Settlement?

Contact Car Accident Loans today to learn more about auto accident loans for pre-settlement and how you can obtain cash relief after your motor vehicle collision. We are accessible and very easy to talk to. Most importantly, we care about providing you with the best plaintiff funding resource to help you survive the long, drawn out personal injury claim process and win a fair personal injury settlement from the insurance company for the reckless driver. You can call us toll-free by dialing 888-715-8701 or send an email to for an immediate response to your question or concern.

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Car Accident Statistics

2015 Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics

Car accident collisions affect many people in the United States each year. Even with a growing use of crash avoidance safety technology features such as blind spot monitoring, speed alert, air bags, antilock brakes, electronic stability control, and crash-avoidance systems, the rate and severity of automobile accidents are on the rise.

According to 2015 Traffic Safety Facts by the U.S. Department of Transportation, even with significant advances in vehicle technology, driver negligence continues to be the primary contributing factor when it comes to car crashes.

The number of people injured in motor vehicle crashes increased in 2015, rising from 2.34 million injured people to 2.44 million injured car accident victims. Furthermore, 2015 also saw an increase in fatal automobile collision deaths, with 35,485 motor vehicle wrongful deaths, and increase from 32,744 in 2014.

Traffic collision fatalities significantly increase from 2014 to 2016 in most of the segments including passengers of large trucks, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and alcohol-impaired driving fatalities. In fact, "alcohol-impaired driving fatalities increased by 3.2 percent, from 9,943 in 2014 to 10,265 in 2015." 

We can learn a lot from the latest car accident statistics 2016. Even with all the technological advances made in the automobile industry, there were 6.3 million police-reported crashes in the U.S. The majority of the car wrecks occurred due to driver negligence, reckless driving, speeding, and drunk driving. If you've been injured in an automobile collision or a loved one was killed in a car crash, call Car Accident Loans to obtain financial assistance for car accident victims and get auto accident loans for pre settlement.

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Client Testimonial: What clients have to say

Cash Loans for Car AccidentsI only have good things to say about your car accident loan company. You kept your word and got me with the accident loan in 1 day. I was kind of surprised but very happy when I saw the money in my account the next morning. After my car accident, I really needed financial help paying my bills and taking care of my two boys. That's why I called to take out the accident loan. The representative I was dealing with over the phone was easygoing and sounded like he knew what he was talking about. What I appreciated was that he took the time to listen to my concerns and then guide me through the entire loan process. With so much going on in my life, it was refreshing dealing with someone who took the time to hear me out and was attentive to my need. The accident loan really made a difference in my life. I appreciate your company for the money and the caring customer service.Accident Loans

Jennifer M., Michigan | Rear-End Collision


QA: Frequently Asked Questions

What is an accident loan?

After devastating car accidents, automobile accident victims with pending personal injury cases often take out an auto accident loan to get financial assistance during the long car accident settlement process so they can pay their bills, medical treatment, and living expenses. A type of pre-settlement funding, an auto accident loan (sometimes called car accident loans, auto accident settlement advance, car accident claims cash advance) is a cash advance against a pending lawsuit judgment or settlement award from the insurance company or self-insured defendant.

How much money can I borrow against my car accident settlement?

Car accident victims pursuing auto liability claims can borrow $500 - $100,000 from the lawsuit money they expect to recover from a settled case or award. The specific amount you can borrow against your pending lawsuit will depend upon the outcome of a review of the facts and circumstances of your personal injury case. Once we review your car accident claim and speak with your personal injury attorney, we can determine the advance funding you can borrow from your future settlement. Call Car Accident Loans now to get a risk-free, no-obligation cash advance on your pending lawsuit settlement while you are waiting for your attorney to recover maximum compensation from insurance company of the party responsible for causing you bodily injury.

How fast can I get the accident loan?

We understand you and your family have pressing financial needs. That's why we move fast to advance lawsuit loans to car accident victims and wrongful death plaintiffs so you and your family can survive during the long litigation process. Our same day accident loans can provide immediate financial after a devastating car accident by accelerating the pre-settlement funding underwriting processing. Call now to get an instant car accident loan fast, in as little as 24 hours or less and get cash now to pay your bills and properly manage your financial obligations.

How much do car accident settlement loans cost?

Car Accident Loans is an ethical, professional, and transparent legal funding company offering low cost lawsuit lending and lawsuit funding loans fair terms for plaintiffs who want to take out car accident settlement loans. We proudly disclose our pre-settlement funding rates, cost, and fees to potential customers so they can make informed decisions. The interest rates for car accident pre-settlement loans are between 2.75% to 3.25%. The specific rate for you to borrow against your pending lawsuit settlement will be determined after a quick review of your auto accident claim. Clients can typically take out lawsuit loans from $500 - $100,000, based on the merits of their respective case.

How soon after a car accident can I get financial assistance from your company?

You are eligible to apply with Car Accident Loans for financial help after car accident injuries, if you got hurt in a motor vehicle collision that was not your fault, hired a personal injury attorney, and want to obtain a cash advance against your pending lawsuit settlement. You are welcome apply for financial assistance for car accident victims if your lawyer has facts about your case, specifically concerning liability, damages, and insurance coverage. When clients call us take out loans on car accident cases, we will immediate contact the handling attorney to determine who is responsible for causing your car accident, what type of injury did you suffer, what type of medical treatment have you received so far, and what is the applicable auto liability insurance policy limit(s).

Working with the best car accident loan company?

All legal funding companies are not the same. As in any industry, you have the “bad apples,” the basic, and the upper echelon that rise above the rest. We are miles ahead the other pre-settlement funding companies offering car accident settlement loans in the U.S. The best car accident loan companies can offer you flexible funding products and excellent service by delivering same day accident loans for plaintiffs, lower interest rates on pre-settlement funding, and better pre-settlement lawsuit funding loans terms. If you want to take out an auto accident lawsuit cash advance to tide you over until your case is settled the attorney, you can call us to get a cash advance on your pending car accident lawsuit settlement. We advance funding from $500-100,000 in as little as 24 hours, no credit check, and interest rates as low as 2.75%. When you work with us, you are choosing to work with a professional financial institution that is genuinely concerned about your interests.

Do you give car accident lawsuit loans for soft tissue injury cases?

Car Accident Loans is one of the few lawsuit funding companies in the U.S. still offering lawsuit loans for soft tissue injury cases for victims of motor vehicle accidents who have suffered soft-tissue injuries which did not require surgery or pain management injections such as epidural steroid injections, neve block injection, or facet joint injection. It’s easy providing financial assistance to plaintiffs who have suffered fractured broken bones or underwent spinal fusion or arthroscopic surgery but what about the other countless auto accident victims who are living in pain and discomfort due to negligent driver.

Our car accident loan company tries our best to help all clients who have suffered injury through no fault of their own. You can call on us for your soft tissue injury lawsuit funding needs if you sustained whiplash injury, neck sprains, herniated disc injury, lower back strains, bruising, bulging disc injury, or any common car accident injury. We will quickly review your auto accident claim and determine how we can best help you get a lawsuit loan for your soft-tissue injury case.

Lawsuit Loans on Car Accident Settlement: Common causes of car accidents

Auto accident settlement loans are a necessity for seriously injured accident victims who find themselves struggling to stay afloat and in desperate need of financial assistance before receiving the settlement money from a finalized lawsuit. As the number of people injured and killed on U.S. roads continue to increase, so do the number of personal injury plaintiffs who take out lawsuit loans on car accident settlements. Lawsuit loans for car accident victims are better than bank loans because when you get a cash advance on your future compensation, you only have to pay back the advance funding after your attorney has settled the case.

Even with a growing base of car safety technology to reduce crashes, the safe operation of an automobile still falls on the shoulders of the person behind the steering wheel. When a driver gets behind the wheel, they have a duty to operate their vehicle safely. Should a motor vehicle operator fail to do so and their negligence results in a collision and people are injured, the driver and / or owner of the vehicle is responsible for paying the resulting damages related to the individual’s personal injuries.

However, despite this clear responsibility, too many drivers continue to make poor decisions by driving recklessly, carelessly, and dangerously According to statistics examined by the Insurance Information Institute, the following types of driver behavior is commonly involved in serious motor vehicle crashes:

Get financial assistance after your car accident by applying now

Lawsuit Settlement Loans for Common Car Accident Injuries

It's easy to understand why it is that victims of automobile accidents and their loved ones often incur significant economic losses and financial hardship during the car accident settlement process. Car accident victims who have suffered serious and debilitating auto accident injuries are often physically unable to return to work, and after going back to work they are placed on light-duty or modified duty, resulting in loss of earnings and insufficient income. Car Accident Loans is committed to helping plaintiffs with pending lawsuits get the financial help they need to pay their bills, medical treatment, and living expenses after suffering car accident injuries.

Our lawsuit loan underwriters understand the level of frustration plaintiffs often have after suffering permanent and life-changing injuries through no fault of their own. According to the United States Department of Transportation data, 2,443,000 people were injured to some extent, and 35,092 lost their lives in motor vehicle crashes. Some of the ‘life-changing’ injuries include:

Auto Accident Settlement Advance: Cash advance on your future pain and suffering compensation

You can get a pre-settlement cash advance on auto accident lawsuit before you settle the personal injury case. Join the tens of thousands of clients who have turned to Car Accident Loans for financial assistance while waiting for the settlement money in an auto accident lawsuit. If you got hurt in an car accident and are short on funds, an auto accident settlement advance may be your best lawsuit funding solution to get the cash relief you need to pay your bills and avoid financial crisis. The cash advance on your future car accident settlement is risk-free. Once your personal injury claim is settled and your attorney recovers financial compensation for your pain and suffering, he / she will pay back the settlement money advance plus the fee. Here are a few plaintiffs who received personal injury loans on pain and suffering compensation:

Back injury lawsuit loan: Herniated and bulging disc funding

Kenneth S. sustained back injury while stopped for a red light, struck in the rear by a bus. He suffered bulging discs at C4-5, C5-6, and C6-7 and herniated disc at L4-5, requiring 10 months of physical therapy and 3 epidural steroid injections. He got a back injury lawsuit loan of $3,500.


Knee injury lawsuit loan: Meniscus tear funding

Jessica T. is a negligent-free pedestrian, hit by a car while crossing the street. The driver failed to yield the right of way, causing Jessica to suffer bilateral knee pain and diagnosed with torn meniscus requiring arthroscopic knee surgery, He received a knee injury lawsuit loan of $9,000.


Soft tissue injury lawsuit loan: Whiplash and sprain/strain funding

Jermaine D. is a front-seated passenger of a car that was sideswiped by a Geico insured vehicle. He suffered soft-tissue injury, whiplash and sprains. After the crash, he went to the ER then had 3 months of therapy, He was advanced soft tissue injury lawsuit pre-settlement funding of $1,000.


Shoulder injury lawsuit loan: Rotator cuff tear & SLAP tear funding

Veronica H. suffered significant personal injuries when her SUV was hit by an 18-wheeler semi- tractor trailer truck, her vehicle was declared a total loss by the Allstate auto insurance adjuster. MRI showed cervical disc protrusion at C4-5 requiring microdiscectomy lumbar surgery. Veronica also had left shoulder arthroscopy to repair the superior labrum. In addition, she underwent a series of 3 trigger point injections, the client obtained a shoulder injury lawsuit loans of $20,000.

Regardless of the car accident injuries you suffered in the crash, one of our personal injury lawsuit loan underwriters can help you get a cash advance on your pending pain and suffering award. While some funding companies shy away from helping plaintiffs who didn't have surgery or didn’t suffer any broken bone fractures, we are proud to advance lawsuit funding for all car accident injuries, from soft tissue injury cases through car accident wrongful death lawsuits.

Satisfied Auto Accident Personal Injury Client

Pre-settlement funding auto accident testimonials

Loans for Auto Accident CasesIt was a pleasure working with your office. I can't thank you enough for helping me get the car accident cash advance. I really don't know what I would have done if my application wasn't approved. Ever since this accident happened, things have been going downhill for me. I can't go back to work and I'm literally living offer my disability check and some money in my saving account. My lawyer told me to be patient but when the bills are piling up, that's easier said than done. Hopefully, this cash advance should hold me over while my lawyer is negotiating a settlement with Liberty Mutual. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend your company to anyone looking for an advance on their car accident settlement. Thanks again for all the help.Borrow money from car accident settlements

Ryan S. - California | T-bone Collision

Common Types of Car Crashes that Qualify for Advance Settlement Funding

To recover pain and suffering compensation from a personal injury clam, you must first establish that the other driver caused the crash and the injuries you are claiming. In a civil case, the plaintiff has the burden or responsibility of proving fault or negligence beyond the preponderance of the evidence. This can be relatively straightforward or complex depending upon the details of your vehicle collision. When you apply for a cash advance on your future car accident insurance settlement, our pre-settlement funding underwriter has the task of reviewing the police accident report and speaking with your car accident lawyer for the purpose of determining who is at-fault or responsible for the crash. Our underwriters have extensive experience determining legal liability and evaluating auto accidents for pre settlement loans, so we can often provide same day accident loans without a lot of phone calls or documentation from your law firm.

Below are just a few examples of car accident cases where victims of crashes have turn to Car Accident Loans for financial assistance after seriously and even deadly automobile collisions:

United States Traffic Laws and Regulation

There's a very old saying that still applies today in every U.S. court of law and that saying goes: "Ignorantia juris non excusat." Translated in English, that means, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Every person operating a motor vehicle on U.S. roads have a responsibility to know, understand, and follow the traffic laws and regulations. Ignorance of the driving law in your states would not be a defense if you were to cause injury or damage due to a violation of vehicle transportation code.

Each and every state has their own set of laws, regulations, statutes, and codes regulating the operation of an automobile. However, the driving laws are similar in that whichever states you are driving your car, you have a duty to follow the prescribed rules of the road, and operate the vehicle in a safe and prudent manner and to drive defensively to prevent bodily injury and property damage.

Underwriting automobile accidents for pre-settlement funding

Bodily injury: Bodily injury (BI coverage) is a liability insurance terminology that provides financial protection for insureds who are found liable for injury to another. This third-party coverage pays for physical injury or death caused to another person, investigative cost and expenses, and defense fees. In the majority of states throughout the United States, people who own and register vehicles are required to purchase auto liability insurance. Typically, a basic auto insurance policy will consist of property damage coverage and bodily injury coverage. The higher BI coverage the more protection the policyholder has the greater exposure the insurance company has. The BI coverage weighs heavily in the auto accident loans for pre settlement underwriter process. 

Comparative negligence: Comparative negligence refers to how fault is apportioned in an accident and a claimant’s legal recourse for recovering financial compensation. In some states within the United States, even if you are found to be partially or even mostly responsible for causing or contributing to an accident, you can still receive money from a settlement. Let's look at the following example to learn more about comparative negligence and how it applied to car accident settlements: Tom is speeding down main street in the left lane at a very high rate of speed, Steve who is in the right lane suddenly and without warning goes in the left lane without putting on his left turn signal indicator and the two vehicles collide. Toms subsequently files a lawsuit against Steve and a jury ultimately determines that Tom is 50% responsible for causing the accident. In this situation, Tom is not barred for recovering compensation. In fact, he can theoretically get 50% of his damages from Steve (Steve’s car insurance policy). In a pure comparative negligence states such as New York, a plaintiff who is found 90% at-fault for a crash can still recover 10% of his / her loss.

Disability: Disability for the purpose of pre-settlement funding refers to a plaintiff’s inability to attend to the activities they were able to before an accident. A claimant can have a partial or complete disability that substantially affects his / her life activities.

Disfigurement: Disfigurement is any type of permanent physical change to an accident victim's body that impairs their appearance. Disfiguring scar injuries from burns and car and truck crashes never disappear entirely. And even if the associated pain goes away or the disfiguring scar is treated with surgery, the emotional pain can last forever. Plaintiffs who have been left with scarring or other visible injuries can take out lawsuit settlement loans to pay for cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery or use the funds to tide themselves over until the case is settled.

Lost wages: Wage loss or loss of earning claims are commonplace in automobile accident cases. When an car accident injury prevents you from working or prohibits you from returning to your employment you had before an accident occurred, the law allows you to recover past and future lost wages.

Pain and suffering: Pain and suffering compensation refers to the non-economic damages you experienced as a result of injuries sustained in an automobile accident.

Personal Injury Protection: Personal injury protection or PIP coverage is a type of auto insurance coverage that will help you pay for your own medical expenses after a car accident, regardless of who is responsible for causing the crash. If you got hurt in a car accident and have personal injury protection coverage, your own auto insurance company will pay the costs and expenses related to your medical treatment, not to exceed your policy limits. Since PIP coverage is a first party benefit, you are entitled to medical benefits regardless of whether or not you are at-fault to causing or contributing to the wreck. PIP coverage is mandatory in only a few states and the limits available will vary from state to state.

Property damage: Property damage (PD) is auto liability coverage that pays for damage to tangible property caused by negligence. Auto insurance policies exclude deliberate actions and intentional acts caused by their insureds. However, property damage does not only include destruction or damage to motor vehicles. Insurance companies also pay PD claims for damage to cell phones, computers, eye glasses, and other physical personal belongings. If someone’s negligence, carelessness, or recklessness caused your vehicle to sustain damage or be declared a total loss by the auto damage adjuster / appraiser, you are entitled to be reimbursed for the actual cost to repair or replace the vehicle, up to the limit of the property damage coverage.

Medical expenses: Medical bills related to your car accident are economic expenses, recoverable under bodily injury liability coverage of the responsible driver's auto insurance policy. This includes out-of-pocket expenses and medical liens for ambulance transport, emergency room care, doctors’ visits, surgery, medications, hospital care, physical therapy, and rehabilitation costs.

No-fault insurance: No-fault or no-fault insurance is perhaps one of the most misunderstood and misapplied terms in auto accident claims. Contrary to what many car accident victims believe, a no-fault accident does equate to you not being responsible for causing a car crash. Rather, no-fault insurance or no-fault coverage has to do with which driver’s insurance company will cover the qualifying medical bills, lost wages, and funeral expenses after an accident. Simply put, no-fault coverage means, irrespective of which driver caused the collision, you can still receive hospital care and medical treatment and your own auto insurance company will pay the bills, up to the policy limit.

Statute of limitations: The statute of limitations is a very important aspect of the legal system because it dictates the maximum time after which legal proceedings may be initiated. This law bars claims made after a certain period of time has passed after an event. This "period of time" will vary depending upon the jurisdiction and the type of claim. In Georgia, there is a 2-year statute of limitations to start a wrongful death claim, and 2 years for injury arising out of negligence. That means if a plaintiff was to file a personal injury action after two years from the date of injury, that plaintiff's claim can be forever barred. However, in the state of New York, injured car accident victims can filed their lawsuit within 3 years of the date of the car crash and the deadline for starting a car accident wrongful death lawsuit is 2 years from the date of the deceased person's death.

Wrongful death: Wrongful death compensation allows for a spouse, the family of a person killed in a car accident to recover for funeral and burial expenses, loss of financial support, loss of income and potential earnings, and the loss of consortium (companionship). To prevail in a wrongful death action, the plaintiff has the legal burden of proving negligence, breach or duty, proximate cause, and damages. Pre-settlement funding for wrongful death lawsuits can help to relieve the financial burden family members often experience after a fatal car accident due to the loss of income.

Pre Settlement funding for car & truck accident lawsuits: Empowering accident victims

It should not come as a surprise to you that auto insurance companies make money by taking in premiums, investing that money, and paying out as little as possible in claims. It frequently means that valid insurance claims for car accident injuries are minimized in value in an effort to maximize profit.

As a person injured in a vehicle accident and pursuing maximum compensation for your pain and suffering, you need to be aware that your interests and those of the insurer are conflicted from the very beginning. Therefore, you should expect and be ready to fight the car insurance company for all the money you are legally entitled to pursuant to personal injury tort law.

The road to achieving civil justice may be long, stressful, and financially overwhelming. That's because the insurance has the money and political power to drag out personal injury cases and delay the litigation process. They have experienced defense attorney working hard on their side to pay you as little as possible for your car or truck accident claim. Unfortunately, while the opposing side is dragging their feet in making a fair car accident settlement, you are drowning in bills and burdened with expenses. Fortunately, Car Accident Loans is here to help level the playing field for auto accident victims by providing pre-settlement funding for car and truck accident lawsuits.

Our financial assistance after car accident can empower you to decline the low-ball settlement offer the insurance claims adjuster will throw at you, and continue fighting the defendant for all the fair and reasonable compensation.

Get all the money you deserve for your personal injury case. You didn't wish for the crash to happen and you certainly didn't ask to get injured. However, you can demand a car accident lawsuit settlement that is sufficient to make you whole and indemnify you for the damages you have incurred. If you are in the midst of a personal injury lawsuit involving Geico, Liberty Mutual, Allstate, Farmers Insurance Company, State Farm, or any carrier playing hardball, and you need a cash advance on your pending lawsuit settlement to tide you over until the case is settled, call us to get empowered and take out auto accident pre-settlement funding from $500 - $100,000. Remember, there’s no credit check, no monthly payments, and you only pay back the funding is your attorney settles the case or win the lawsuit.

How to get a car accident lawsuit loan in 1 day?

If you are ready to get a car accident lawsuit loan today, we're here to help in your endeavor. Our car accident loan company only has seasoned and experienced lawsuit funding professional ready to assist you in getting the financial help you need while waiting for the settlement money from your car accident settlement. We do not have sales agents or intake personnel. The process is really quick and simple for accident victims. The first and hardest step is taking 2 minutes out of your time to fill out the application. You have the choice of completing the application online or calling us to speaking with a car accident lawsuit funding specialist who is competent, compassionate, and respectful of your need and circumstances.

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If you are looking for information on how to get financial assistance after your car accident and survive during the drawn out personal injury settlement process so you can hold out for fair and reasonable monetary compensation, you may wish to review some of the informational materials that we have prepared free of charge to clients. You will learn in greater detail precisely how car accident settlement loans work, how you can use the advance funding as leverage in the negotiation process, and the type of tactics employed by some auto insurance companies to delay the litigation process and low-ball serious injured automobile accident victims and plaintiffs with wrongful death claims.

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If you have questions about your situation or want to take out an accident cash advance to tide you over, we invite you to call us for a free and confidential claim review, 888-715-8701. Remember, our lawsuit cash advances for car accidents are provided to plaintiffs on a non-recourse advance basis, so you don't make any monthly payments and pay nothing if your case is lost or your attorney does not recover financial compensation from the auto insurance company for the wrongdoer(s).

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We are proud to advance lawsuit settlement funding to injured car accident victims and personal injury plaintiffs throughout the United States.

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Settlement loans on auto accident cases

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Settlement loans for buyouts

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Settlement loans on truck accident cases

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Settlement loans on bus accident cases

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Settlement loans on wrongful death cases

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Settlement loans on personal injury cases

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Settlement loans on hit and run accident cases

If you or a loved one wants to borrow money from an auto accident personal injury case or you have a question or two about loans for car accident settlements, you can call our car accident loan company now at 888-715-8701 to speak with a legal funding specialist who can respond to your concern or inquiry.

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We are the original car accident loan company, committed to providing better auto accident pre-settlement funding solutions for seriously injured accident victims and plaintiffs pursuing wrongful death cases in the United States, who need financial help after devastating traffic collisions. As a national pre-settlement funding financial institution, what we do is help personal injury clients with pending accident claims take out cash loans on car accident settlements. Car accident settlement loans are not conventional loans borrowers would traditionally obtain from a bank or credit union. Although we use the terms “loans” and “accident loans” throughout our website, financial assistance for car accident victims from a legal funding company is provided on a no-risk, non-recourse basis, and is simply a cash advance against a future or potential auto accident settlement. With an auto accident settlement advance, there’s no credit check, no up-front costs, and the client can keep the accident cash advance and pay back nothing if case is lost or the attorney does not recover monetary compensation from the responsible driver or auto liability insurance company.


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