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Pre-settlement funding for accident victims pursuing intersection accident claims

In the United States, the majority of car crashes involve intersections. Driver error, car defects, and poor vehicle maintenance are the top causes of intersection accidents. An intersection collision can lead to serious bodily injuries, wrongful death, and devastating financial losses for car accident victims and their family members. If you or a loved one got hit in a car at an intersection got hurt or killed and you need cash now, Car Accident Loans can help you obtain pre-settlement funding to tide you over until the case is settled by your attorney.

Car accident lawsuits can take a long time to settle. In fact, it's not uncommon for victims of intersection accidents to wait years to receive money from a car accident settlement. When the bills start to pile up and your financial obligations become overwhelming, you may not be able to wait years until you get the settlement money. Fortunately, you can take out a cash advance on your pending lawsuit today to help you take care of your expenses.

Lawsuit loans on intersection accident cases provide instant cash relief for clients. Pre-settlement funding companies offer financial assistance after car accident personal injury has turned your life upside down. Plaintiffs typically use advance settlement loans to pay their rent, medical bills, child care obligations, auto loan payment, mortgage, phone bill, and more. You can get loans on accident settlement from $1,000 to $100,000 within 24 hours.

Since pre-settlement loans are risk-free cash advances on pending lawsuits and not traditional bank loans, you do not have to undergo a credit check. Litigation loans are based on the merits on your accident claim rather than your credit score. Additionally, you pay NOTHING out-of-pocket, and the lawsuit cash advance is paid back only if you settle the case or win monetary compensation from the insurance company of the responsible driver.


Funding Requirements: Qualifying for lawsuit cash advances against accident at intersection claims

Car Accident Loans® has a straightforward funding process, which makes it easy for claimants to obtain cash advances on pending claims. Here are the typical underwriting requirements for auto accident lawsuit cash advances:

  • Involvement: You are a motorist, pedestrian, bicyclist, passenger, or motorcyclist.
  • Liability: You are not at-fault for causing the accident
  • Injury: You suffered car accident injuries and received medical treatment
  • Representation: You hired an attorney on contingency to fight for maximum compensation

Lawsuit funding underwriting is not like a personal loan or mortgage. Your income, debts and credit are not factors in qualifying for a settlement advance loan.


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How to get lawsuit funding today?

Auto insurance companies often deny liability and delay paying valid lawsuit settlements. If your civil lawsuit is dragging out or you are facing an unexpected financial emergency and need cash now, you can call the legal funding department to speak with a lawsuit funding expert about borrowing money against a pending intersection accident insurance claim within 24 hours, dial 1-888-715-8701.

Auto Accident Loans

We are the original car accident loan company, committed to providing better auto accident pre-settlement funding solutions for seriously injured accident victims and plaintiffs pursuing wrongful death cases in the United States, who need financial help after devastating traffic collisions. As a national pre-settlement funding financial institution, what we do is help personal injury clients with pending accident claims take out cash loans on car accident settlements. Car accident settlement loans are not conventional loans borrowers would traditionally obtain from a bank or credit union. Although we use the terms “loans” and “accident loans” throughout our website, financial assistance for car accident victims from a legal funding company is provided on a no-risk, non-recourse basis, and is simply a cash advance against a future or potential auto accident settlement. With an auto accident settlement advance, there’s no credit check, no up-front costs, and the client can keep the accident cash advance and pay back nothing if case is lost or the attorney does not recover monetary compensation from the responsible driver or auto liability insurance company.


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