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The Orginal Car Accident Loan Company

With the number of car accident injuries and fatalities increasing each year in the United States, more clients are turning to car accident loan companies to take out loans for car accident victims. Legal funding companies that specialize in car accident settlement loans offer no-risk financial lifelines to auto and truck accident victims are faced with financial challenges and unexpected emergencies during the personal injury settlement process. 

Auto accident personal injury claims can take a long to time to settle. Victims of car and truck accidents often have to wait years to get the lawsuit money they deserve for pain and suffering. Personal injury cases drag out for a few reasons. But whatever the reason, lawsuits that drag on can be financially devastating on auto accident victims and their families. Plaintiffs with pending injury claims and wrongful death lawsuits call on Car Accident Loans when they need a no-credit check cash advance on pending lawsuit settlement to pay their living expenses, rent, medical treatment bills, auto loan payment, and more.

Car Accident Loan is a direct pre-settlement loans company serving the personal injury community.

We have offices in New Jersey and New York but we provide funding to injured accident victims in more than 40 States. We are a full-service auto accident lawsuit loans lender providing cash advances to injured accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs who are waiting for the money from their settlement.


The First Choice in Personal Injury Funding

Whatever pressing financial situation or emergency you are going through, we can get you the money you needed in 24 hours. No other presettlement funding company in the U.S. can provide you the most money in a faster time and at a better lawsuit loan rate that caraccidentloans.com.

We have helped thousands of lawsuit plaintiffs stay afloat while they were waiting for their lawsuit settlement money. Our car accident loans program puts cash in your hands now so you can pay your phone bills, rent, mortgage, car note, child care expenses, mortgage, repair bills, household expenses, electric bill, etc.


The Professional Lawsuit Lender

Caraccidentloans.com is managed and operated by A+ rated lawsuit loans company. What that means for you is that you have the assurance you are working with a financially stable, reputable and competent lawsuit lending provider. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to call us or send an email. We reply to all emails within 24 hours. And, if you send us an email during standard business hours (9am to 5pm EST M-F), you can expect a response within 1 hours.

Auto Accident Loans

We are the original car accident loan company, committed to providing better auto accident pre-settlement funding solutions for seriously injured accident victims and plaintiffs pursuing wrongful death cases in the United States, who need financial help after devastating traffic collisions. As a national pre-settlement funding financial institution, what we do is help personal injury clients with pending accident claims take out cash loans on car accident settlements. Car accident settlement loans are not conventional loans borrowers would traditionally obtain from a bank or credit union. Although we use the terms “loans” and “accident loans” throughout our website, financial assistance for car accident victims from a legal funding company is provided on a no-risk, non-recourse basis, and is simply a cash advance against a future or potential auto accident settlement. With an auto accident settlement advance, there’s no credit check, no up-front costs, and the client can keep the accident cash advance and pay back nothing if case is lost or the attorney does not recover monetary compensation from the responsible driver or auto liability insurance company.


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