The Dos and Don'ts When Finding a Lawyer

Tips on How to Hire a Good Injury Lawyer

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Attorney ads are everywhere. You can't turn on the TV during the day and not see a commercial about retaining a lawyer. We offer good opinion on hiring a good accident injury attorney so you can win the best settlement from your personal injury case.

If you have been hurt in a car accident you should seek immediate medical treatment. Without realizing it, you may have sustained a head injury or have internal bleeding despite not showing any visible signs or apparent symptoms right after your collision.

It is best to seek medical assistance at the emergency room or hospital so a medical practitioner can perform a physical examination and diagnostic testing such as x-ray studies, CT scans, or MRI studies. After you have been seen by a medical practitioner, your next concern may be, how to find a good injury lawyer. Although it's not difficult finding an accident lawyer, you should make an informed decision when you are looking to hire a good accident lawyer to hand your our motor vehicle accident case.

First, it's not necessary to hire a lawyer for all personal injury cases. It all depends on the severity of your injuries and the amount at stake. If your injuries are minor and liability is clear, you might be able to handle the case on your own. By pursuing compensation without an attorney, you could save money by not having to pay the attorney 1/3 or 33% from your settlement. However, with more serious injuries, you should seriously consider retaining an attorney to protect and represent your interest.

If you've been seriously injured, you will need an experienced personal injury accident attorney to negotiate a fair settlement and/or file a lawsuit on your behalf. A good accident injury lawyer brings a lot to the table such as his/her knowledge of legal procedure, support staff to process paperwork, negotiation expertise, and much more.

Before speaking with a car accident lawyer, you should have as much detailed information and facts about the accident and your injuries as possible, such as the police accident report, insurance policy, information exchanged at the accident scene, and medical records, among other things.

1) Before hiring an attorney, make sure you have looked into the following questions and concerns then make sure you are secure in your discovery:

What percentage of the practice is devoted to motor vehicle accident cases?

Was the receptionist courteous and empathetic?

Do you keep client informed and up to date of the progress of the case?

What experience does the attorney have with the specific type of injury in question?

Did the attorney give you their undivided attention?

Will you be able to speak and communication direct with the attorney?

What is a typical settlement range for cases similar to yours?

How much of my car accident case will the attorney actually handle?

How soon will the attorney return a phone call or message?

How are the fees structured?

What out-of-pocket expenses am I responsible for?

Do you feel confident in this attorney?

2) Do your research. Check the attorney’s credentials. You can conduct and online web search and contact your local Bar Association.

3) Experience matters. Has the lawyer handled your type of case before? Does he/she regularly go to trial? Is the lawyer willing to take the case to trial or will she push hard to settle your case? Although most cases settle, not all of them should. You need a lawyer who is willing and able to try cases, even difficult ones.

4) Reputation. You attorney is your advocate. Make sure you hire a attorney with a proven track record of success. Look at the credentials such as certifications (if applicable to the State), peer ratings from other attorneys, continuing legal education, and other legal awards. You have every right to request your attorney be highly qualified. Simply getting a license to practice law doesn’t mean one is qualified to handle a personal injury case properly.

5) Financial resources. This is often times overlooked by injured accident victims looking for good accident lawyer. However, it is imperative that you consider the lawyer's or law firm financial resources when deciding whether or not your should hire the attorney. Motor vehicle accident lawsuit are very costly to take into a courtroom and in front of a jury. You want to make sure your attoreny can afford to handle your case from start to finish and that finances don’t influence his decisions. Taking depositions and hiring experts are expensive. Make sure you hire an attorney who can afford to do so. You can accomplish this in several ways. Take a look around his office. Does he have a nice building, sufficient space, good location, and proper staff? If a lawyer doesn’t have these things, he likely can’t afford them. Hiring a lawyer who can’t afford your case may result in your claim being compromised or settled quickly for a fraction of the full value of the case. The attorney's financial challenges should not be yours.

6) Compassion. You want an attorney who will fight for you. As you attorney, advocate, and counsel, the lawyer should place a higher value on your recovery than his bank account. Many lawyers will tell you what you want to hear to get your case. Then, when he opens the file and realizes your injuries are not severe or there is a lack of insurance coverage, he quickly loses interest. This is not who you want to be your attorney.

7) Good Communication. Remember that you are hiring a lawyer and not his/her paralegal. A major complaint among many injured accident victims and personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs is the attorney not returning calls and emails and answer questions. Before hiring an accident lawyer, ask about the law firm policy with regard to this. Find out if the attorney will respond to your message within 48 hours.

Following these steps will help you hire a good personal injury attorney would can help you get through a difficult time of your life relatively smoothly.

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