Tractor Trailer Accident Lawsuit Loans

Tractor trailer accident lawsuit loans

Tractor Trailer Accident Pre-Settlement Funding

Tractor trailer accidents can cause serious injuries and financial devastation for victims of commercial truck accidents. The legal system allows plaintiffs to recover monetary compensation for pain and suffering and wrongful death caused by negligent drivers, but commercial truck insurance companies often take a long time to make fair and adequate settlement offer. When truck accident settlements out, client who need cash now turn to Car Accident Loans to obtain same day loans for truck accident victims.

Lawsuit loans provide instant cash relief to tractor trailer accident victims who got hurt through no-fault of their own and now find themselves struggling to pay their bills and living expenses while they are in the process of a truck accident insurance claim.

The devastation resulting from a commercial truck can be life changing for injured truck accident victims and their loved one. In fact, tractor trailer crashes are a leading cause road traffic injuries and car accident deaths in the United States. If a semi-trailer truck accident has wrecked your life and you need financial assistance after truck accident injuries, tractor trailer accident pre-settlement funding can get you the help you and your family need to pay the bills, medical treatment cost, and living expenses.

Get cash now while you are waiting to receive the settlement money from a tractor trailer accident lawsuit. Pre-settlement loans for victims of tractor trailer crashes can help you pay the bills, alleviate the financial pressure to settle prematurely, and empower you to win maximum compensation.

Drivers of commercial trucks likes big rigs, 18-wheeler trucks, semi-trailer trucks, and tractor trailers have a duty to drive in a safe and responsible manner. When a truck driver breach this duty by operating a heavy duty truck carelessly, the driver and trucking company can be held civilly liable for damages resulting from personal injuries and wrongful death to third-parties.

Plaintiffs who have suffered serious truck accident injuries are entitled to recover monetary compensation against wrongdoers. Unfortunately, the personal injury litigation process is lengthy and financially straining on accident victims. You can borrow money against a pending tractor trailer accident lawsuit in 24 hours if your case is dragging out and you need instant cash relief before you receive the money from your settlement. To get financial assistance now, call 1-888-715-8701 or apply online.


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Common Causes of Tractor Trailer Accidents

Because of the size and weight of large commercial trucks, there are several safety concerns that are unique to tractor trailer.

No-Zones: Semi-tractor trailer trucks have much larger blind spots than ordinary cars. Blind spots on 18-wheelers vehicle are known as “no zones.” The "no-zone" refers to the blind spot areas around tractor trailer trucks, which are located around the sides and rear of the truck. Large portions of the road are completely invisible to truck drivers.

Stopping Distance: Big rig tractor trailers have longer acceleration and stopping distances than ordinary cars. Stopping distances make it easier for 18-wheeler trucks to get into rear-end collisions with the automobile in front of them. According to the Utah Department of Transportaton, a passenger vehicle weighing 4,000 pounds, traveling under ideal conditions at a speed of 65 miles per hour would take 316 feet to stop (nearly the length of a football field). In comparison, a fully loaded tractor-trailer weighing 80,000 pounds traveling under ideal conditions at a speed of 65 miles per hour will take 525 feet to stop (almost the length of two football fields).

Drowsy Drivers: Tractor trailer drivers are often overworked. Many semi-trailer truck drivers are on the road for hours on end with little sleep. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, lack of sleep is a common cause of big rig accidents. In 2014, 842 fatalities were attributed to drowsy driving and sleep deprivation.

The experience lawsuit funding team at Car Accident Loans have underwritten countless tractor trailer accident cases for lawsuit cash advances. The most common causes of trucking accidents are:


A. Truck Driver Fatigue

Drowsy driving significantly increases the chances of being involved in a tractor truck crash. Drowsy driving is the dangerous combination of driving and sleepiness or fatigue. This usually happens when a truck driver has not slept enough, but it can also occur due to a sleeping disorder, medication, and drinking alcohol. If you or a family member was involved in a tractor trailer accident and need financial assistance while waiting to recover monetary compensation, our experienced lawsuit funding underwriter can help empower you to win a fair truck accident lawsuit settlement.


B. Truck Driver Speeding

Most drivers speed because they are in a hurry to get to their destination. Commercial truck drivers are no exception. For the driver of an 18-wheeler truck, time is money. If they are late, their company may get penalized with a monetary fine or the load may be refused. However, truck drivers will sometimes ignore the speed limits in order to make a destination on time. Speeding drivers are a leading cause of tractor trailers accidents in the U.S. Our lawsuit funding underwriters specialize in underwriting personal injury cases that resulted for truck operators driving too fast, in excess of the posted speed limit and weather conditions.


C. Distracted Driving

Distracted driving among tractor trailer drivers is a dangerous problem resulting in large truck crash fatalities and disabling injuries. Truck drivers who get distracted while at the wheel pose a grave threat to other motorists, bicyclists, motorcyclist, and pedestrians. Unfortunately, accidents involving truck drivers who took their attention off the road are all-too-common. Distracted driving is a growing safety and public concern that includes texting while driving, eating while driving, adjusting navigation devices, talking on their cellphones, etc. A Carnegie Mellon study used brain imaging to document that listening alone reduces by 37 percent the amount of brain activity associated with driving. This can cause drivers to weave out of their lane, based on the performance of subjects using a driving simulator.


D. Poor Vehicle Maintenance:

Although driver error continues to be the leading cause of truck accidents on U.S. roads, an alarming number of wrongful deaths and serious truck injuries are caused by failure to adequately maintain, repair, and service tractor trailer trucks. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires every motor carrier to regularly inspect, repair, and maintain all motor vehicles in their fleet. Under these rules, it is unlawful to operate a truck if the vehicle may cause a breakdown or accident. In spite of these rules, serious accidents continue to occur due to negligent service, maintenance, and repairs of trucks. Tractor-trailers and other trucks are expensive to maintain, so a lot of truckers and companies cut corners in hopes of saving on costs. But tragically, it costs lives when trucks with faulty equipment are on the roadway.


E. Improper Turning

Improper passing or turning by truckers causes devastating accidents due to negligence and can result in serious injuries and fatalities of others. Driver errors can take many forms such as failing to check blind spots, making too wide of turns, driving too fast for conditions, depowering the front brakes and using only the trailer brakes in an effort to minimize wear and tear on the brake system and tires, etc. Operators of tractor trailers have a responsibility to signal before changing lanes, yielding the right of way, passing other motor vehicle only where permitted and safe to do so, and checking blind spots correctly before changing lanes. Being involved in a motor vehicle collision caused by a negligent tractor trailer driver can cause long-lasting injuries that result in significant medical bills, lost time from work, and car crash deaths. Calling a professional pre-settlement funding company offering lawsuit loans on truck accident cases can help to alleviate your money problems while your are waiting for your lawsuit settlement.


F. Drunk driving

Driving a big rig requires intense concentration at all time. While no driver should get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs, driving a tractor trailer truck while under the influence is especially dangerous because of the size and weight of the vehicle involved. Reflexes and responses which are delayed even slightly can produce catastrophic results when an 80,000 lb. semi-trailer truck is involved. As a plaintiff in the midst of a tractor trailer lawsuits, one of the most important things you can do after a traffic accident with an impaired trucker is to call our team of experienced tractor trailer accident lawsuit funding underwriters so we can get you financial help after a DUI crash involving an 18-wheeler truck.


Common Type of Tractor Trailer Injuries and Losses

Semi-tractor trailers trucks are bigger and heavier than any other type of vehicles of the road. When truck accidents happen, the consequences are physically and financially devastating for accident victims who have suffered serious personal injuries and their loved ones. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 111,000 people were injured in crashes involving large trucks and 3,903 died as a result of truck accident wrongful deaths in 2014. Victims of 18-wheeler truck accidents include motorist operating cars, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycles, and even drivers of other large trucks. Because tractor trailer accident injuries and damages can be quite significant, resulting in extensive hospital care and rehabilitation, the medical bills can be astronomical.

Commercial truck insurance companies have a vested interest to minimize the liability of their trucking company clients. That's one of the primary reasons why big rig truck accident cases take so long to settle. Rather than making you a fair settlement offer, the insurance claims adjuster may try to take advantage of your venerable situation and extend a low-ball offer to settle. Don’t let the truck insurance company prey on your current money worries or financial difficulties. If you have a personal injury claim or wrongful death lawsuit arising out an 18-wheeler crash, tractor trailer lawsuit loans can get you immediate relief so you can decline the low-ball offer and continue fighting for a fair truck accident settlement.

Financial help after truck accident injuries or death is available for plaintiffs who suffered:

The insurance company has the financial resources, experience, and political influence to delay the litigation process in a calculated effort to delay the time it takes for you to recover adequate financial pain and suffering compensation. Car Accident Loans® can equip you will the tolls necessary to fight for all maximum compensation. Call 888-715-8701 if you want to take out a risk-free cash advance on your tractor trailer settlement before the case is finalized.


Benefit Lawsuit Loans for Truck Accident Victims & Plaintiffs

Lawsuit loans on tractor trailer accident cases have saved seriously injured accident victims and plaintiffs with pending lawsuits from low-ball insurance settlement offers and financial disaster during the litigation process. Although legal funding companies do not place any restrictions on how you use the advance funding, the majority of personal injury plaintiffs use the settlement cash advance to pay their rent, medical bills, child care obligations, utility bills, surgery costs, mortgage, and more. It's your case, and your money to use to help you and your family stay afloat financially during the long 18-wheeler accident settlement process.

Furthermore, lawsuit settlement loans against tractor trailer accident claims are risk-free, non-recourse auto accident settlement cash advances. With our non-recourse same day accident loans, there's no credit check, no upfront frees, no out of pockets costs, and no monthly payments, ever! Best of all, if you lose your case or your truck accident attorney does not recover monetary compensation, you can keep the lawsuit cash advance and owe nothing!

Qualifying for a lawsuit loans through Car Accident Loans® is straightforward and easy. Our financial help for truck accident victims is based on the facts of your case and not your credit score or credit profile. If you got hurt in an 18-wheeler accident that was not your fault, you suffered serious injuries or a family member was killed, and you hired a personal injury lawyer to pursue damages, you are eligible to apply for tractor trailer accident funding today from $500 - $100,000.


5 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Pre-Settlement Funding for Accident Cases


How fast can I get the lawsuit loan for my truck accident case?

Car Accident Loans works fast to get you the financial assistance you and your family need to stay afloat while you are waiting for your attorney to win maximum compensation from the insurance company of truck driver responsible for causing the crash. We have the resources to advance settlement funding in 1 business day.


Why is the insurance company taking so long to settle?

Insurance companies are in the business to make healthy profits for their investors and shareholders. Rather than making fair settlement offers to plaintiffs with legitimate personal injury claims, many insurance companies choose instead to delay the settlement process and deny valid accident cases. Some insurers hope that by dragging out the litigation process, your bills will start to pile up and you will get so desperate for funds that you will end up taking their low-ball offer to settle, which is far less that what your case is really worth. Fortunately, trucking accident victims can turn to Car Accident Loans when they need financially empowering tools to decline the low offer and continue fighting for fair monetary compensation. A settlement loan will give your attorney all the time needed to negotiate a bigger settlement or prepare the case for jury trial.


What if I lose the case?

Legal financial is provided to personal injury victims on a no-risk, non-recourse basis. Therefore, if you lose your trucking accident case or don't recover monetary compensation, you can keep the lawsuit cash advance and owe nothing, at all.


How much can I win from my truck accident settlement?

There are so many variables that determine the value of your truck accident case and how much settlement money your attorney will recover as full and financial compensation for your damages. There are five factors that will primarily determine what your tractor trailer injury case is worth: Liability; Injury; Type of Medical Treatment; Frequency & Intensity; and Insurance Policy Limits. The type of injury you have sustained along with the frequency and intensity of your medical treatment as a result of the tractor trailer accident will play a major part in the settlement process. Once you have completed your medical treatment, your attorney will gather your medical records, bills, and reports and then proceed to enter into settlement discussions with the insurance claims adjuster. If your truck accident recently happened, it's probably too early to be thinking about settlement. Rather, focus on getting the best medical care and following your treating doctors' recommendations.


How can plaintiffs apply to take out a lawsuit loan?

If you are ready to take out a lawsuit loans against your tractor trailer accident claim and get the financial help your are looking for, all you have to do is contact Car Accident Loans and submit your application for legal financing.


Get Advance Lawsuit Funding From Car Accident Loans Today

Car Accident Loans® can help you get a cash advance against your pending lawsuit settlement when you find yourself experiencing a financial emergency or money worries in the midst of your tractor trailer personal injury case. All you have to do is take a minute or two and submit your funding application, which you can do over the phone by dialing 888-715-8701 or filling out the short application form on this page. After we get your application, we will call your law firm to get some additional information about your tractor trailer accident case with the objective of having you approved for a lawsuit settlement loan within 1 business day. 

Driver Negligence: The leading cause of tractor trailer crashes in the United States

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